Rise of Nations – Scope and Sequence

A scope & sequence is an outline of skills and information to be taught,
providing information on what will be covered.

The development of literature, art, music and architecture of individual nations are studied.
Composition skills are developed through the literature and events of the time period.
Scientists and inventions are also noted in the unit plans.

Time Table & Geography Literature Composition
Africa 1000-1500  Poetry – Lyric
 Essay expository
New World 1000-1500  Poetry – Narrative  Essay Persuasive
Italy/Early Renaissance 1400-1492  Drama – Comedy
 Essay Descriptive
Portugal/High Renaissance 1494-1564  Drama – Tragedy  Essay Narrative
Spain 1492-1650    Short Story – Novel  Writing – creative
Reformation/Counter-reformation 1500-1700 Essays  Writing – Rhetoric
Netherlands 1550-1700   Oratory  Writing – Dialogue
England 1550-1700 Biography  Writing – News Story
Colonies of Southeast Asia  Autobiography  Writing – Fable/myth
New World Colonies 1500 -1750  Satire  Writing – Tribute
France 1650-1789  Allegory  Writing – Outlining
Age of Reason/Enlightenment/Great Awakening1688-1789  Letters  Biographical sketch
Ottoman Turks 1550-1850  Folktales  Compare & Contrast
Russia 1689-1850    Fables/myths  Paraphrasing
Prussia (German states) 1700-1860  Summarizing
 Austria 1700-1860  Satire
 India 1500-1860  Writing with pictures
 Far East up to 1860  Travel brochure
 Research paper