Rise of Nations Reviews

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

…If this volume is to serve as a high school level curriculum in modern world history studies, its authors must be commended for their accomplishment. The book covers the depth as well as the width of the curriculum with incredible simplicity, pointing to the original sources and resources. This wealth of references and original sources within the chapters allows students to form their opinions and views about history rather than just accept author’s point of view. Consequently, this is an excellent modern history textbook, free of political correctness, religious and social bias, and cultural malaise. Finally, the scope of the issues addressed in this monograph, makes this a very comprehensive, almost college level, book.

I would recommend this curriculum to any school and program that wants to study history seriously and responsibly. I want to congratulate you on an outstanding product – I would consider using this text as one of the materials in my general education courses at the university.

My best,

D. Darek Jarmola
Dean, Adult & Graduate Studies
Oklahoma Wesleyan University