Course Credits, Rise of Nations

Credits earned in one year
Students may earn partial credits or even more than one credit in each subject, depending on number of hours spent working in each area.

World History 3: Renaissance to 1860 & New World History (1 credit)
World Geography 3: Age of Discovery (½ credit)
English 3: Research, Speech & Composition (1 credit)
Multicultural Literature (½ credit)
European Literature (½ credit)
Western Culture (art, music, architecture, philosophy) (1 credit)
Critical Thinking 3 (½ credit)

*IEW– Institute for Excellence Teaching Writing Structure and Style
are integrated into the Literature.
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IEW is optional and not necessary to complete the curriculum

NARHS (North Atlantic Regional High School)

80 hrs = one credit
60 hrs = .75 credits
40 hrs = .50 credits
20 hrs = .25 credits

TRISMS High School Transcript

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