The Ultimate Field Trip

The Ultimate Field Trip
In conjunction with Go Global

Make history come alive on a specially designed field trip just for you…to Europe.  Go Global has designed field trips from the U.S. to Europe that compliment and utilize the specific subjects, places, civilizations, and humanities found in the TRISMS curriculum.
Some of the greatest benefits of traveling with Go Global are…

  • Authentic Europe – no Hilton or McDonalds – you will see Europe from a European point of view and stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, and enjoy local shopping experiences.
  • Inexpensive – Every dime you put into the trip is spent on you! 
  • Your trip, your way! – You plan the trip!!!  Dr. Jarmola will make suggestions on what to see and where to go and value your input.  He will then design your trip, give you options, and take care of every bit of the planning!  You will get frequent updates via e-mail on everything from passport purchases to packing and arrivals.
  • Small groups – Group sizes are limited to allow the maximum personal experience.  Students under 16 require a chaperone and families are welcome.  You may have your own trip or join with another group already traveling.


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