Will TRISMS Work For Me?

Do you desire your students to think individually and develop their own organization and thinking skills?

Yes…..then TRISMS is the program for you.  By handing the student book and lesson or unit plans to your student and allowing them to research for answers rather than just copying out of a textbook or asking you, students gain understanding, research skills, and independence that will prepare them for college and/or other life pursuits.

No…..then TRISMS is not a good idea. Because TRISMS does not teach a specific worldview, and does not require certain books to be read or used as resources, your student will be exposed to other viewpoints, worldviews, and ideas.

Do you desire to save money?

Yes….then TRISMS is an excellent choice!  Considering that 5 or 6 subjects are covered in each volume, TRISMS is a financial winner!

No…..If saving money isn’t important to you, TRISMS is still an excellent choice because you are not getting a dumbed-down, mediocre, or poorly designed curriculum.   To the contrary, you are getting the best of the best!

Do you wish to have Biblical themes studied and examined in each lesson and only books and literature with a Christian worldview read?

Yes…then TRISMS is NOT for you.  Students will study civilizations and people who had very different worldviews and looks at religions around the world.  Literature and movies are diverse and designed to help students understand the people and their times, rather than trying to put a specific worldview on a people group that did not have it.

No….then TRISMS is an excellent choice.  We believe that it is the role of the instructor/parent/teacher to lead students in their worldview development.  In order to better understand cause and effect, growth, and change, when studying the development of people and civilizations throughout time, students will encounter many religious beliefs and read excerpts from many books, including the Bible, the Koran, and many others.

Do you have students at different levels?

Yes….Then chances are you will find a fit with TRISMS.  It will depend on the ages of your children and how you are approaching their education.

No…..Then chances are, you will find a fit with TRISMS.

Do you prefer textbooks for each subject being studied, as in a traditional school?

Yes….Then TRISMS is not for you.

No….Then TRISMS will not only offer excellent academics, but also give students an integrated study that will make sense, be complete, and give them the chance to create their own coursebooks.

Do you like to have resources available, but not specific resources required for your students?

Yes….TRISMS does not leave you hanging.  We have excellent resource lists to help you get started.  

No….TRISMS will still work for you, because you probably already have plenty of research resources on hand.

What if I purchase TRISMS and it doesn’t work out?

TRISMS offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of its volumes.   All sales are final on clearance products.