Unique Distinctives of TRISMS

Or…..What makes TRISMS special?

Research – Rather than requiring the purchase of certain books, TRISMS takes the next step and teaches students to find answers on their own. Research skills are essential for college.

Literature selections included – No more hunting for literature selections! All literature selections studied are included in the student manual.

Student Directed – No more lesson planning for parents!  The unit plans are laid out for your student.  Your students learn to take responsibility for their assignments, learn time management, and cultivate organization skills.

CoursebooksTRISMS students create their own textbooks/coursebooks.  These books allow students to add creativity to their research, dig deeper, and develop more organization skills.

WorldviewTRISMS does not teach a particular worldview, but rather, guides students through research to enhance or develop their own worldview with the assistance of their teachers/mentors, etc.

More than Western Civilization – While most history-based curriculums focus on Western Civilization, TRISMS studies all cultures worldwide.

Modern U.S. and World HistoryTRISMS believes that modern history must be taught as a whole. Thus, Age of Revolution teaches U.S. and World History together by decade.

IEW – The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) equips teachers with methods and materials that create competent communicators. Using the four language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods have been proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability.
 With TRISMS and IEW together, students learn how to write in the context of the time period they are studying.  Literature assignments may be completed without using IEW if another writing curriculum is being utilized.

More than language arts – Students don’t just learn language arts, they learn and practice all forms of public speaking, project presentation, and types of writing including short stories, novelettes, poetry, songs, non-fiction, analysis, book reports, research papers, and more…….

Humanities – Students learn how art, music, and architecture influenced and continue to influence society.

Literature types – Because TRISMS students are reading many excerpts, they are able to become familiar with and analyze far more literature than they would if they read complete books.

MoviesTRISMS has many movie selections to help students get a feel for the time periods they are studying.

AcademicsTRISMS includes unit and semester tests.  These tests incorporate all types of testing skills from multiple choice to direct answer to essay.