Subjects Covered in TRISMS

TRISMS is a true fully-integrated curriculum. We offer more credits per volume than any curriculum that we have encountered. Most of our credits are acquired far beyond the minimum requirements, and are truly college preparatory.

While using the TRISMS curriculum, you will cover the following subjects:

Art History
Art Appreciation
Music History

Research Composition
American Literature
Ancient Literature
Multi-Cultural Literature
European Literature
Creative Writing
Writing Structure and Style (Composition)

World Geography
U.S. Geography

Ancient History
Medieval History
Renaissance History
Modern U.S. History
Modern World History

Intro. to Rhetoric (Aristotle)
Rhetoric (Toulmin model)

Science History
Critical Thinking
Additional credits can be earned in special research subjects chosen by the student.

TRISMS High School Transcript

Click to download the TRISMS Highschool transcript: .pdf or .doc

Why Study Humanities?

“I would stress that the arts take us into imagined worlds created by different minds and enable us to understand how others live. We are what we read, the museums we visit and the performances we see and hear.” By Daniel R. Schwarz, Cornell University