The Goals of TRISMS

Our Goals:

  • To teach our children HOW to think, not just WHAT to think.
  • To give our children the tools to research and discern the value of what they encounter so that when we are no longer available to answer a question, they can find an answer.
  • To take history out of the realm of ho-hum dates and facts, and bring it alive.
  • To allow our children to develop their own personal world view through their studies of mankind while still at home where we can guide them.
  • To give our children a love for literature through brief introductions to hundreds of classics and authors.
  • To allow our children to go as deep as they wish in a subject, and to take their findings and place them in an organized coursebook designed by them and for them.
  • To teach our children the value of time in an instantaneous society.
  • To develop excellent communication skills in public speaking, research writing, opinion papers, and every form of communication.
  • To provide an in-depth visit to the humanities so that our students realize that what a society produces speaks far more about it than what philosophers and historians may wish to interject.
  • To provide an academically solid, college preparatory, and far-reaching education that goes beyond the requirements to graduate and into life long learning.

These goals are not only attainable, but are realized. We have found that our children are able to comprehend and produce far more than we ever imagined – and you will also.