TRISMS Explained

TRISMS is a unique curriculum designed to bridge your student from elementary to middle and high school and from high school to college and beyond.  Designed for 6th grade through high school.

  • TRISMS is a complete curriculum that integrates all subjects around history.
  • TRISMS is research based – rather than giving the student facts, they must research for information and then apply what they have learned to critical thinking questions.
  • TRISMS students create their own coursebooks  and learn to take responsibility for their own education.  The unique features of TRISMS are explained briefly below, and in depth as you follow the links.

Cheryl Horton, our Literature and IEW expert, explains why TRISMS would be a good fit for your student.

Unique Distinctives of TRISMS

Be sure and take time to explore this link.  TRISMS is not just another unit study, or classical program.  It is special in many more ways….

Subjects Covered in TRISMS

More than just History…..TRISMS offers credits in many subjects and is NARHS approved and rated. View a sample TRISMS High School transcript.

Goals of TRISMS

TRISMS desires to teach students to be independent, critical thinking, and academically prepared in all areas of accomplishment.  Follow this link for a detailed outline.

History of TRISMS

TRISMS has a history of helping students, parents, and schools since 1990 and is continually offering new and improved products.

Products and Services

TRISMS offers great support to our users.  24/7 phone guidance is available, and our customer service is quick and personal.

Choosing a Volume

Deciding where to begin with your student can be confusing.  Follow this link for help.

Will TRISMS work for me?

Follow this link to get help in making your final decision. We offer a 30-day, 100% guaranteed refund on TRISMS volumes.