Parent Support

TRISMS  Parent Support

The goal for these groups is  to share resources and information pertaining to teaching and raising children in addition to supporting current TRISMS users.

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The TRISMS forum is a great place to learn more about the curriculum and how it “fleshes out” with teachers, parents, co-ops, and students around the country and around the world. Included are files submitted by TRISMS and other users which enhance, simplify, or add great ideas to the TRISMS curriculum with focus on certain areas of study for those interested in  them. You can submit questions, answer questions, submit work your students have completed, and “join the fun”. Great for those considering TRISMS or already using it.

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The purpose of learning is not to fill our minds and our student’s mind with facts, but it is to learn to think and teach our students to think.

The gems found in TRISMS provide an academically solid, college preparatory, and far-reaching education that goes to and beyond, the requirements to graduate.
TRISMS is designed for Middle and High School students. A classical approach, research-based unit study that is student directed – mentor, teacher, or parent guided.
                              Education is not preparation for Life, Education is life itself.

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