Frequently Asked Questions…

How much time and work is involved when using TRISMS?


Christian or not?

TRISMS believes that teaching faith to your children is the responsibility of the parent/teacher, rather than the TRISMS curriculum. The curriculum is designed to help students understand how religion plays a role in the development and life of every civilization and asks questions that lead the student in understanding their own worldview. Parents are then free to discuss these ideas with their students during these important years when students are developing the worldview and belief system that they will carry throughout their life. 

How does TRISMS fit into Classical Education?

The Classical Education model involves quality of content, the three stages of the Trivium, and study of history at every stage. 

Quality of content: passing to the next generation those things through history that are excellent in all areas; literature, sciences, and the arts. 

The Trivium is divided into three stages based on the learning abilities of the student:

  • Grammar stage: K4-5th grade emphasizes gaining factual information – repetition; reading, writing, arithmetic and language. 
  • Logic or Dialectic stage: 6th – 8th grade emphasizes clear thinking and asking questions (researching beyond a textbook for answers)
  • Rhetoric stage: high school – learning to communicate effectively using evidence and logic to support ideas.

TRISMS doesn’t address the Grammar stage but follows the Dialectic and Rhetoric stages of study.

What credits are available?

TRISMS offers more credits for high school than any curriculum we have thus encountered. With the emphasis on humanities and literature these credits are not “useless” but will be invaluable for general education credits required in all colleges regardless of the field of study pursued. TRISMS is NARHS approved. View our sample transcript and learn more pages for each volume for more details.

Can TRISMS be used with younger students

Yes, TRISMS can be incorporated into studies with younger children. Adjusting for grade level is included in the orientation section of our volumes.

What does the acronym TRISMS stand for?

TRISMS stands for Time Related Integrated Studies for Mastering Skills.