Rise of Nations – Early Renaissance Unit Study


Rise of Nations – Early Renaissance Unit Study


A single unit of Rise of Nations including the unit grid, worksheets, literature, maps, questionnaires, and unit quizzes.

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Try out TRISMS Rise of Nation with this fascinating out-take from the curriculum. This two-week unit study will give your student an excellent look into Europe during the Early Renaissance with a study of Italy, the Medici, Donatello, Dufay, Botticelli, the Printing Press, the Hundred Years’ War, and more. Literature includes selections from the Decameron, Petrarch, and Dante. Let’s not forget the heroism of Joan of Arch and the architecture of Santa Maria del Fiore. Unit includes all required literature, maps, questionnaires, the unit plan, and instructions for completing the unit.   An excellent introduction to TRISMS curriculum and to this turning point in history.  Music, Art, Architecture, Literature, Famous People, Geography, History, and more!


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