It’s About Time


It’s About Time


K-12th grade

Spiral-bound timeline for specific studies or for one-year use.



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It’s About Time

A TRISMS Exclusive! It sure is! It’s about time someone made an inexpensive, spiral-bound timeline affordable enough to use for specific studies or for one-year use. Even the most frugal homeschool mom can justify the cost of this history aid for each student. Timelines are a wonderful tool for putting events and people into context as they are studied during the year – if you can get your children into the “timeline habit”.

Reading about Isaac Newton and the discovery of gravity in science? Chart it!

Using the Pythagorean theorem in math? Put it on!

Reading Beowulf in literature? Add it, too!

You get the idea. By the end of the year, they should have a great visual overview of the year. Another great feature of this timeline is its flexibility. You customize the pages to fit your needs. Each divided column can be a year, decade, century, or whatever you decide. Focus in or get the big picture – it adapts to your needs. The shaded row along the center can be used to record the time periods for that page. The shaded row at the top can contain a page title, or period designation. Divided lines that separate the ruled columns can also be used to categorize entries by topic or subject area. Blank form pages and a sample page gives ideas on customizing timeline.

28 pages Paperback Linda Thornhill & Sally Barnard


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