The Story of Architecture (DK)


The Story of Architecture (DK)


The Story of Architecture

Dorling Kindersley  and  Jonathan Glancey

This excellent DK book by Jonathan Glancey features 5,000 years of magnificent buildings, color photographs, diagrams and illustrations.  An excellent resource for all of the TRISMS high school volumes.

240 pgs paperback

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The Story of Architecture

Dorling Kindersley and Jonathan Glancey

Guiding readers through a staggering 5,000 years of world architecture, Jonathan Glancey’s eminently knowledgeable, authoritative, and always fascinating insights make reading this book irresistible, despite the enormity of the subject. Featuring influential and innovative architects of every age, along with their masterpieces, from the ziggurat at Ur to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, this stylish, lavishly illustrated book shows the unique historical, geographical, and cultural elements that have influenced and literally shaped the world’s greatest architecture. 240 pages Paperback


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