Resource Starter Package with IEW TWSS2-D

Resource Starter Package with IEW TWSS2-D


This starter set of resources is used with each TRISMS volume.  Therefore it is a one time purchase.



This starter package of resources is used with each TRISMS volume.  Therefore it is a one time purchase.  Order all 5 items of the Starter Set at a great discounted price.

 A Writer’s Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions
A handy and durable guide to creating smooth sentences and paragraphs.  Includes a list of 500 substitutes for the word “said”.  A great resource for the whole family.

√ It’s About Time
Portable timeline book for writing in historical dates and events.

Reading Through the Ages     hardcopy or download
A book listing historical fiction and biographies for each reading level and time period
from the ancient world to the present.  ISBN numbers included.  Every library needs this helpful tool.

The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History
History from the beginning to the year 2000.  Covers major civilizations, rulers and events.  Includes illustrations, maps, time chart and over 200 recommended web sites.  There is
a selection of useful downloadable images.  You do not have to have a computer to
use this book.            412 pages   softbound

Institute for Excellence in Writing TWSS2-D DVD & Seminar and Practicum Workbook
Instruction on DVD for teaching writing structure and style for all genres your student will encounter from first grade through college.  Each TRISMS volume provides references for applying this intensive writing program.


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Reading Through the Ages

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