History’s Masterminds Maps & Map Keys


History’s Masterminds Maps & Map Keys



An updated map answer key for TRISMS History’s Masterminds. Now through 2012!  – downloadable.

Every TRISMS fan and purchaser, past and present will want this new time-saving resource.

Packed full of  crisp black line  printable master maps, well researched, colorful and detailed  maps.  These maps were designed for   History Masterminds as an answer key for the map assignments as the student completes each unit and travels through time studying the different explorers, inventors and scientists.

Others have found  this helpful resource to  be  great  for building  their own unit studies.

This Maps and Map Keys download is included when you purchase the History Masterminds Set or can be purchased separately.

This downloadable resource for TRISMS users and unit study fans includes:

Over 80 map keys and charts

Blank masters of all maps from the Middle School student pack

Explorers departure point noted on the map

Route and destination of explorers marked and labeled

Bodies of water

Major land masses

Names of the cities or nations

Bonus maps with extensive information provided to enhance the student’s geography study in addition to what’s assigned on the lesson grid.

Full color

*Print just the pages that you need!

Customization for  your own geography study!

See sample maps in photo strip above.


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