Expansion of Civilization Teacher’s Key


Expansion of Civilization Teacher’s Key


500 BC – AD 1500

The Classical World through the Middle Ages

18 units covering Eastern and Western civilization

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Expansion of Civilization
Explore the beginnings of Western civilization

Study the civilizations of the Maya, Ch’in and Han of China, Persians, Athenians and Spartans, Early Roman Christians, Roman Republic, Mauryans of India, Macedonians, Byzantine, Islamic peoples, and many more…

Experience each civilization through their—colisseum resize


Study the great churches and cathedrals of the world, the Parthenon, Catacombs, and more

Discover the art of the ancients

Terra cotta figures (7,500 of them!) in China, sculptured reliefs of Persepolis, Ikebana of Japan, pottery and sculpture….and more

Music and instruments of each civilization.


Research, Analyze, and Read (all excerpts included).
Sun Wu and Sun Pin, The Book of Esther, Lessons for Women, The Canterbury Tales, The Frogs, Alexander the Greats biography by Plutarch, Socrates, The Koran, Jakatas, City of God by Augustine, Beowulf, Song of Roland, Everyman, Sir Gwain, and more….

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All nine units of the IEW Teaching Writing Structure & Style** are referenced  in the writing assignments–Monologues, Semester Projects, Creative Writing, Writing from Pictures, Short Story, Essays, Compare and Contrast, Critiques, Paraphrase and Summary. **


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