American History-Based Writing Texts


American History-Based Writing Texts


By Linda Thornhill

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American History-Based Writing Texts

Linda Thornhill

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If you are looking for some content-rich American History sources for summaries, stories, reports, creative writing, and research, this is it. Linda Thornhill, author of the award winning TRISMS Curriculum, has put together an exciting selection of source texts for all nine units.
Spanning people and events in US History from Christopher Columbus to 9/11 and its aftermath, these original source texts are engaging, well-researched and tailored specifically for the nine units of the  IEW syllabus.
Includes 71 pages with 32 source text selections; 2-5 articles for each Unit of IEW. Most of the selections are written at the 5th-8th grade level. A nice addition to U.S. History study with TRISMS History’s Masterminds or TRISMS Age of Revolution.
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