Age of Revolution 1930 – 2013

Age of Revolution 1930 – 2013


Age of Revolution Semester 2  ( Book 2 of the 2 part Age of Revolution)

Linda Thornhill, Cheryl Horton and Karen Caroe

High School-Second Semester 1930 – 2013

Study world events parallel with U.S. History.


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Age of Revolution 1930 – 2013

Linda Thornhill, Cheryl Horton and Karen Caroe

American and modern world history integrated!  Study the people and events of modern history by decade from 1930 – 2013.  Meet 40 plus authors from around the world, U.S. presidents, key world leaders, wars, Nobel Prize winners, artists, musicians, architects, and the people who made America and the world what it is today.

Composition assignments include IEW TWSS.( Institute For Excellence in Writing)*
The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) equips teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers. Using the four language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods have been proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability, including those who are gifted, have special needs, or are English language learners.

  • If you want to include in-cooperate IEW  into your lesson you will need to purchase the IEW TWSS (Teaching Writing Structure and Style) program.   In this earlier version of Age of Revolution ( 2nd semester of a 2 part  collection) TRISMS guides you through the program while providing practice with time-relevant literature and composition assignments.

IEW has been revised since the writing of this earlier version of Age of Revolution so the lessons might not match up completely. The core curriculum is still the same and very complete. If you didn’t want to use IEW you would just skip those assignments and just read the literature. You can also insert your own choice of a writing course.

Set includes manuals for 2nd semesters with all required literature selections(excluding complete novels), answer keys for 2nd semester, student pack for 2nd semester, and a BONUS Dover American House Coloring Book referenced in the Architecture section on the unit plans of Age of Revolution.

Age of Revolution Semester 2- 1930 – 2013 ( book 2 of the 2 volume set) package includes:

Teacher’s Manual and Answer Keys
Student Assignment Book
Student Pack/Test Packet – Hard copy or Download


Volumes can be done separately and you don’t have to finish volume 1 to start volume 2.




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