Age of Revolution Three Week Unit Study – Bridging the World


Age of Revolution Three Week Unit Study – Bridging the World


A single unit of Age of Revolution including the unit grid, worksheets, literature, maps, questionnaires, and unit quizzes.


Get a great introduction to the TRISMS curriculum and a look at postbellum America and the world in this fascinating three week out-take study from Age of Revolution covering 1866 – 1869. Research President Andrew Johnson, watch some great movies, complete literature assignments on Walt Whitman, Dime Novels, Oliver Twist, and others. Students will love researching the great Wild West folks including Billy the kid and John Stetson. Timeline events connect America to significant world events Humanities assignments include Mary Cassat, Richard Wagner, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Assignments include history, literature, civics, geography, art, music, architecture, innovations and many other studies. The “rest of the story” essay is another TRISMS only mindbender to help students see history from more than one angle.

Unit comes with lesson plan, daily/weekly assignments, all required questionnaires, maps, literature pieces, and worksheets along with an answer key.

Age of Revolution three-week sample of Unit 3, Bridging the World, 1866 – 1869.


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