Expansion of Civilization


Expansion of Civilization

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Explore the beginnings and progress of Eastern and Western civilizations.

2016 Updated Edition

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Explore the beginnings and progress of Eastern and Western civilizations.  Watch the world develop from the golden age of Greece and Rome to medieval knights and castles.  Read some of the greatest literature ever written and study the beginnings of philosophy through the words of Plato, St. Augustine, and others.  Examine governments and religions that are still alive in our culture today.  Composition assignments include IEW TWSS 2-D*.
(18 units) 1 year program

**Purchase the IEW TWSS 2-D (Teaching Writing Structure and Style) program (available from TRISMS).  TRISMS guides you through the program while providing practice with time-relevant literature and composition assignments.

Bound Teacher’s Manual & Answer Keys
Bound Student Assignment Book
Student Pack/Test Packet – Download or Notebook ready Hardcopy
Maps & Map Keys Download

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