What do I need to purchase for TRISMS Middle School Curriculum?

History's Masterminds shop SET

History Masterminds – 3500 B.C. to Present
This set includes:
  • Comprehensive Student Manual (includes all literature selections)
  • Teacher’s Manual & Answer Key
  • Complete Student Pack/Test Packet
    (includes research questionnaires, maps, worksheets, tests and quizzes)
    Available in hard copy or download format
  • Maps & Map Keys
    Available in a download format


Additional items you will want to consider

Writing Curriculum

TRISMS provides assignments that guide students through the IEW curriculum by tying instruction from the program to literature assignments in TRISMS.  The TRISMS assignments can be completed without IEW, but we have found the program to be very helpful for our students.
This a one-time purchase for your middle and high school years.
Our volumes reference the *IEW TWSS2-D  By Andrew Pudewa
12 DVD set with Seminar and Practicum Workbook
*Since our most recent printings, IEW has provided an updated version of their curriculum.  It should not be hard to follow what is being taught in the new version, but please note that page numbers and titles on DVDs may be different in the newest version. This newest version is:

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership]

IEW products can be purchased at www.excellenceinwriting.com



TRISMS does not provide the sources for your research.  There are suggested book lists in each volume to jumpstart your studies, but you are free to choose your own resources to do your research.


Reading Through the Ages

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Students will choose a book in the time period they are studying to read in each lesson.  TRISMS gives suggestions in each lesson but you can choose your own.  TRISMS Reading through the Ages is a good resource for selections.  Excellent for a multi-level setting, adapts to include younger students by providing versatile reading lists with books from Easy Readers to Adult Level.