History’s Masterminds – Scope and Sequence

A scope & sequence is an outline of skills and information to be taught,
providing information on what will be covered.

History Geography Science Language Arts
Ancient Egypt Egypt Scientific Method Types of poetry
Phoenicia NW coast of Africa Medicine Reference skills
Greek Europe Astronomy Dictionary skills
Macedonia Asia Geometry Cause and Effect
Roman Empire Greenland Classification Listening skills
Middle Ages New World Simple machines Dewey Decimal System
Renaissance Global map Volume and Buoyancy Storytelling
Middle East Environmental map Cartography Writing skill
China Topography map Alchemy   – reports
New World Climate map Botany   – descriptions
Indians Atlas Anatomy   – business letters
ship building Map reading skills Navigation   – friendly letters
world trade Transportation Geology   – essays
world resources Exploration Engineering   – fanciful fictions
exploration to 1550 A.D. Vocabulary Inventions   – note taking
and outlining
navigation Hobby clubs
Meeting Protocol
Historical Fiction
History Geography Science Language Arts
of North America
Oceans Planetary motion Kinds of sentences
1550-1830 Louisiana Purchase Astronomy Graphic aids
  South Pacific Human body Skimming and Scanning
Spanish Explorers NW Passage Physiology Compare and Contrast
French Explorers Western movement Motion and Gravity Following directions
English Explorers relief map Classification Observations skills
Dutch Explorers street map Matter Using roots
Russian Explorers vocabulary Immunology Using suffixes
Danish Explorers   Weights and Measures Using prefixes
Age of Discovery   Bacteria Eight parts of speech
ships and navigation   Inventions Listening skills
trade and resources   Chemistry Panel discussion
    Periodic Law Creative writing
    Earth science  
History Geography Science Language Arts
1830-1926 Rivers of Africa Magnetism Newspaper as a resource
World War I North Pole Electricity Editing skills
Industrial Age South Pole Germ theory Periodicals
Western Movement South America Heredity Research paper
World trade Mexico Microbiology Essay writing
World resources Vocabulary Radiation Grammar
    Chemotherapy English punctuation
    Agricultural chemistry   – capitalization
    Behaviorism   – commas
    Theory of relativity   – colons
    Atom   – semicolons
    Periodic law   – underlining
    Evolution of plants   – hyphenations
    Bacteria   – use of parentheses
History Geography Science Language Arts
1926-1990 Under sea Disease Grammar
World War II Mt. Everest Immunology Homonyms
Space race Space Rocket science Synonyms
Technological Age Eastern Europe Space travel Antonyms
  Atmosphere map Nuclear energy Abbreviations
    Oceanography Appositives
    Virology Negatives
    DNA-genetics Demonstration pronouns
    Reproduction Science fictions
    Human body  
    Undersea archaeology  
    Computer Science  

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