History’s Masterminds – Reviews

History’s Masterminds isn’t just a history study. It is designed to build upon a foundation of research, discovery, and language. One of the primary goals is to teach students to ask questions, find answers, transfer information from reading, to thinking, to writing, to speaking and to begin mastering the skills necessary for doing high school level work.”

Karen Caroe, mother of nine

History’s Masterminds gave my students a sense of their own ability to become history makers.  They grasped the ideas of progression, geography effecting civilizations, the stepping stones of science and inventions, and the strong writing and language arts training needed for high school and beyond.  As a co-op we had guest speakers and many field trips to further cement what the kids were learning.  Especially wonderful were the reading suggestions – having the students read a historical fiction or biography for each lesson, as well as suggestions for movies.  Many of these students are now adults and are excelling as leaders, college graduates, and well-informed citizens.

Cheryl – TRISMS co-op coordinator