Expansion of Civilization – Scope and Sequence

A scope & sequence is an outline of skills and information to be taught,
providing information on what will be covered.

Geography Science Composition & Literature
 Mexico  Agriculture  Essay- Narrative
 Han China  Slash & burn method  Expository
 Persia  Seismology  Persuasive
 Greece  Astronomy  Descriptive
 Macedonia  Scientific Thought  Writing – Myths
 Mauryan India  Inductive & Deductive Reasoning  Outlining
 Lands of Roman Empire  Greek medicine  Creative
 Mediterranean  Atoms  Rhetoric
 Gaul  Basic Anatomy  Dialogue
 Britannia  Digestive System  News story
 Hibernia  Simple Machines  Tribute
 Germania  Aqueducts  Formal Critique
 Scandinavia  Circulatory System  Multiple References
 Iceland  Infectious Disease  Ballad
 Greenland  Plague  Paraphrase & Summary
 Africa  Bacteria  Compare & Contrast
 Middle East  Navigation  Biographical Sketch
 Europe  Currents  Literature
 Spain  Eye  Poetry – Lyric & Narrative
 T’ang China  Crop Rotation  Drama
 Steppe  Salt Production  Essays
 Japan  Coal  Short Story
 Russia  Petroleum  Rhetorical oratory
 Oceania  Biography