Expansion of Civilization – Literature Selections

Literature excerpts and selections for Expansion of Civilization are included in the Student Assignments Book.  You do not need to purchase or hunt for the pieces being studied.  Below is a list of the pieces students will be analyzing, imitating, studying, and researching as they study the civilizations in Expansion of Civlization.

Unit 1
Maya Writing
Popol Vuh – Creation of Man
The Little Boy Who Talked With Birds retold by Victor Montejo

Unit 2
The Wonderful Pear Tree
Queen Wei of Chao to the Envoy of Ch’i by Chu Zhai
Watering Horses by the Great Wall by Chang Chin-ju
Sun Wu and Sun Pin by Chu Zhai
Lessons for Women by Ban Zhao Pan Chao

Unit 3
Inscriptions of Darius 1

Unit 4
Selection from The Frogs by Aristophanes
The Republic – Book VIII by Plato

Unit 5
The Cyclops by Theocritus
Life of Alexander by Plutarch

Unit 6
The Mice That Set Elephants Free
The Lion-Makers
Kalinga Rock Edicts by Ashoka

Unit 7
The Haunted House – Act II by Plautus
Selection from On the Nature of Things by Lucretius

Unit 8
Germania by Tacitus

Unit 10
Selection from the Celtic Genealogy of Memory
Selection from Confessions by St. Augustine
Selection from City of God by St. Augustine

Unit 12
Selection from Beowulf

Unit 13
Arabic Poetry by various poets
Qu’ran (or Koran) –  Sura 5

Unit 14
Song of Roland
Lord Randal ballad

Unit 15
Canterbury Tales Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer
The Pardoner’s Prologue
The Pardoner’s Tale
Magna Carta
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by the Pearl Poet

Unit 16
T’ang Poetry by various poets
Curly-bearded Hero by Ch’iu jan k’o chuan
The Travels of Marco Polo Prologue – Chapters 1 – 6
Book One Chapters 7 – 10, 34
Book Two Chapters 6 and 8

Unit 17
Japanese Tanka by Takuboku Ishikawa
The Seven Pleas retold by Chiyono Sugimoto
The Tale of Genji – selection from The Broom Tree by Genji Monogatari
The Tale of Genji – selection from Lavender

Unit 18
Russian folktale, Fish in the Forest
Writing from Pictures
Moscow the Third Rome by the monk Filofei

In addition to these literature pieces, the student is given a list of excellent resource books that will be helpful in their research, a list of historical fiction and biographies they may choose for their monthly book report, and movie lists to help the students “see” the civilizations they are studying.

Download the Expansion of Civilization Literature Table of Contents