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Expansion of Civilization
High School
500 B.C. – A.D. 1500

Explore the beginnings of Western civilization

Study the civilizations of the Maya, Ch’in and Han of China, Persians, Athenians and Spartans, Early Roman Christians, Roman Republic, Roman Empire,  Mauryan of India, Macedonians, Byzantine, and Islamic peoples.  Take a good look at the Middle Ages and the feudal life that proceeded the Renaissance, and many more…

Experience each civilization through their—

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  • Art

Terra cotta figures  in China, sculptured reliefs of Persepolis, Ikebana of Japan, pottery and sculpture….and more

  • Music and instruments
  • Architecture

Study the great churches and cathedrals of the world, including the Parthenon and the Catacombs

  • Drama & Sports
  • Literature (all excerpts included) –  read, research, analyze, and write

Selections include Sun Wu and Sun Pin, Lessons for Women, The Canterbury Tales, The Frogs, Alexander the Great’s biography by Plutarch, Socrates, The Koran, Jatakas, City of God by Augustine, Beowulf, Song of Roland, Everyman, Sir Gawain, and more.

  • Essays, Short Stories, Poetry, Critique, Research Papers, Creative Writingold writing 2
  • Composition assignments include reference and integration of all nine units of IEW TWSS 2-D if you are using the Excellence in Writing curriculum, which we highly recommend**
  • Religion: the beliefs and practices of the civilizations studied
  • Economics of trade and taxes
  • Eastern and Western civilizations are studied chronologically and geographically in context.
  • Rhetoric
  • Introduce your scholar to philosophy and early philosophers
  • Accomplishments in science

Navigation, infectious diseases, crop rotation, seismology, atoms, scientific thought, deductive reasoning

  • Map the civilizations’ expansion, geography and exploration.

** TRISMS provides assignments that guide students through the IEW curriculum by tying instruction from the program to literature assignments in TRISMS.  The TRISMS assignments can be completed without IEW, but we have found the program to be very helpful for our students.

Our volumes reference:
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Since our most recent printings, IEW has provided an updated version of their curriculum.  It should not be hard to follow what is being taught in the new version, but please note that page numbers and titles on DVDs may be different in the newest version. This newest version is: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership]
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