Discovering the Ancient World – Scope and Sequence

A scope & sequence is an outline of skills and information to be taught, providing information on what will be covered.

History Geography Science Composition
 creation stories  Middle East  Archaeology  Essay Writing
 Sumer  Northern India  Surveying      Narrative
 Indus Valley  Egypt  Irrigation      Expository
 Ancient Egypt  Northern Africa  Measuring      Persuasive
 Old Kingdom  Crete  Embalming      Descriptive
 Middle Kingdom  China  Architect tools  Narrative Writing
 Phoenicia Minoan  Asia Minor  Glass Making      Fables
 Crete  Arabia  Earthquakes      Outlining
 Shang China  Greece  Acupuncture      Creative
 Chou China  Mexico  Silk making      Rhetoric
 Old Babylon  Africa  Iron Pottery glaze      Dialogue
 Hittites  Northern Italy  Cotton cultivation      News Story
 Aryan India  Southern France  Sanitation systems      Tribute
 Mycenae  Mediterranean Steppe  Metallurgy      Formal Critique
 Olmec  Britain  Calendars      Multiple References
 Nubia  Europe  Simple Machines      Biographical Sketch
 Nomadic Hebrews  Iberia  Nutrition      Paraphrase & Summary
 Hebrew Kingdom  Rhodes  Hygiene      Compare & Contrast
 Greek Dark Ages  Sicily  Plants
 Archaic Greece  Cyprus  Terrace irrigation
 Assyria  Corsica  Hydraulics