Civics for U.S. Citizens

One semester course credit for high school.

Civics, a look inside


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Civics for U.S. Citizens is a unique high school level government and civics course

This digital e-book  is a must for every high school student.

This one-of-a-kind study  incorporates history, government, economics, civics, and law. It is designed to engage students through application, research, and logic.


Features include:

  • Weekly assignments including research, reading, questionnaires, writing, worksheets, application projects, tests, quizzes, etc.
  • Students memorize the Bill of Rights. They examine current and historical Supreme Court cases in order to see our Constitution in action.  The students think about how these decisions reflect the daily lives of citizens then and now, and allows them to consider each case themselves.
  • Bill of Rights questionnaires help students apply the amendments to their everyday lives and to current events.
  • The nuts and bolts of civics, the language of government, the economic systems, foreign trade policies, taxes, the development of and current political parties, and opportunities for local involvement complete the curriculum. 

By completing this course each student easily meets high school civics requirements and becomes an active participant in understanding, reviewing, participating, and appreciating the United States of America.

Students develop and use critical thinking skills as worksheets and questionnaires guide them through creating solutions for problems our government is facing today.

This digital curriculum when downloaded includes:

  • Student book with assignments
  • Research questionnaires
  • Directed worksheets targeting specific topics
  • Teacher answer key that provides more resources for student discussion
  • Test packet

As a digital product, there are several unique advantages for teachers and students:

  • Easily stored and doesn’t take up space on the bookcase.
  • Can travel easily – use your PC/laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or eBook reader) to access the digital curriculum and the contents within.
  • You will not need a CD or DVD, which are easily misplaced, to install the curriculum onto your computer. After receiving your link for your product you will be able to download your purchase at your convenience. The digital product allows you to print just what you need.
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Civics for U.S. Citizens is personalized for the high school student to offer a convenient and tailored curriculum to help them become adults who understand that it is the voice of the citizenry, not that of obscure elected politicians, that ultimately matters when it comes to shaping the government.

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