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Age of Revolution Reviews


The Age of Revolution is an incredible classical research based curriculum. My daughter and I were part of a co-op which utilized this curriculum last year. I had not used an integrated curriculum before, and was amazed by the way the author was able to integrate all the subjects together while still focusing on a certain time period each week. The curriculum was thorough, interesting, and challenging. The research and writing skills that my daughter acquired while using this curriculum have been invaluable to her as a concurrent enrolled college student this year.

This year I am attending college as a non-traditional student. I can personally affirm that the research skills and knowledge that I gained while using Age of Revolution has played an integral part in my success in college. There have been numerous times that my instructors have lectured on subjects that I am familiar with due to the areas of study that Age of Revolution encompassed. In addition, some of the required books for English Comp I & II were also required reading for Age of Revolution. I have no doubt that my success in college has been due to the choice in curriculum that I used last year for my daughter, as well as the self-discipline skills acquired in home schooling my children.

Pam Pettyjohn, Sand Springs, OK

Educators seeking an academic challenge for their students while safe-guarding the love for learning will want to experience TRISMS, Age of Revolution. In a rapidly growing, historically illiterate society, this research based curriculum counters this devastating and disastrous trend. Unlike segmented, traditional curriculum materials which are known for rote learning and memorization while providing limited information about historical people and events which have shaped the world we live in today, Age of Revolution gives learners the opportunity to experience “the big picture.” Multiple subjects are interconnected which provide a relevant, thought-provoking learning experience while promoting long term memory and expertise of the subject matter studied. Engulfed in this total learning process, students will also sharpen their intellectual reasoning and problem solving abilities. As an educator, former Christian school administrator, and current home school parent, I highly recommend TRISMS Age of Revolution. Through this integrated, research based curriculum, a new trend of informed, educated young adults will emerge.

Jolan Lies

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