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Age of Revolution
High School
A.D. 1850 – 1930

This comprehensive modern history covers both U.S. and World History side by side.  The following “revolutions” will be studied in the course of study. They overlap in time, so specific questions will appear on Unit Worksheets.

  1. Revolutions in Society
  2. Revolutions in the Arts
  3. Revolutions in Politics
  4. Revolutions in Faith
  5. Revolutions in Science
  6. Revolutions in Economics
  7. Revolutions in Race

These revolutions interacted and travelled not just through one part of the world, but throughout the world, affecting the affairs of people across the globe.

Research questionnaires are provided for the following areas, with a special questionnaire for students to interact with a chosen famous individual in each unit, imagining how life would be without that person in history.  Students will grasp how just one person, themselves included, can change the world!

  • American presidents and their foreign and domestic policies will be studied
  • Nobel Prize Winners
  • World powers and their leaders
  • Wars and Battles
  • Humanities (art, music, & architecture)
  • Civics

Other areas include:

  • Economics
  • Literature & Composition (Literature books are assigned and all other literature selections are included in the Student Book)
  • Modern Geography
  • World and U.S. Timeline Events
  • Events in American History
  • Vocabulary will pertain to the subjects of study
  • Inventions & Innovations

The Age of Revolution set includes

  • Age of Revolution Teacher’s Key
  • Age of Revolution Student Book
  • Age of Revolution Student Pack
  • Age of Revolution Maps & Maps Key Download