Age of Revolution Course Credits

Through the use of resources (books, historical documents, periodicals, newspapers, Internet, interviews, films) and research the student will produce their own textbook. Timelines and maps will provide the visual aids needed to round out their study.

Credits earned
Students may earn partial credits or even more than one credit in each subject, depending on the number of hours spent working in each area.

Fully accredited for high school by the North Atlantic Regional School.

World History 4: 1850 to 1930 (1 credit)
U.S. History: 1850 to 1930 (1 credit)
English 4: Research, Speech & Composition (1 credit)
American Literature (1/2 credit)
20th Century World Literature (1/2 credit)
Modern Humanities (1 credit)
Women’s Studies (1/2 credit)
Civics (1/2 credit)
Critical Thinking 4 (½ credit)
U.S. Geography (1/2 credit)

** TRISMS provides assignments that guide students through the IEW curriculum by tying instruction from the program to literature assignments in TRISMS.  The TRISMS assignments can be completed without IEW, but we have found the program to be very helpful for our students.

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Our volumes reference:
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Since our most recent printings, IEW has provided an updated version of their curriculum.  It should not be hard to follow what is being taught in the new version, but please note that page numbers and titles on DVDs may be different in the newest version. This newest version is:Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership]

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NARHS (North Atlantic Regional High School)

80 hrs = one credit
60 hrs = .75 credits
40 hrs = .50 credits
20 hrs = .25 credits

TRISMS High School Transcript

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