Award-Winning Curriculum

First Place | Middle School Curriculum
Practical Homeschooling Readers Award

 An Exciting Overview of World History with Language Arts, Geography, Literature, IEW, and More…
 From 3500 BC to Present!

History's Masterminds

Your scholars will research

  • From Hanno to Stephen Hawkings
  • From Columbus to Calypso
  • From the Wheel to the Web
  • From the Stone Age to the Space Age

Travel through Time
See Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It!
Scientists, Inventions, Explorers

TRISMS uses a format of integrated study where all subjects focus on a point in time. 

  • Teacher’s Manual & Answer Key
  • Student Assignment Book
  • Full Language Arts Program
  • IEW Teaching Writing Structure & Style integrated
  • Student Pack
  • Lesson Plans and assignments
  • Study geography --

Map the routes of the explorers and learn world geography including climate, crops, topography and more! 

  • Learn to think critically with questions like --

What was their motivation?
What are the ethical consequences?
Was this helpful or harmful to society?

  • Gain life skills while learning to research.